The MyZUUM web page is aimed at all users interested in converting their vehicle into a Smart Car or Connected Car.

In accordance with the provisions set out in Law 34/2002 on Information and E-Commerce Company Services, MyZUUM provides the following information for its users:

First.- The domain name has been registered by Grupo Next.

Second.- MyZUUM is a service provided by Grupo Next, with VAT Registration No. B 87050639, which is registered at the Madrid Business Registry, under Volume 32 487, Folio 152, Section 8, Page M584.799, 1st Registration.

MyZUUM advises that users can contact the company by email to the following address, or by telephone 917895346.

Third.- Information on services, products, consultations, queries, etc., are available on

Fourth.- In accordance with the provisions set out in Article 17.1 of Law 34/2002, on Information and E-Commerce Company Service, MyZUUM will remove or disable from its web page those links, directories or search tools if that the activity or information to which they refer is illicit or damages the assets or rights of a third party and is likely to lead to compensation for damages. To send any information pertaining to this matter, please send us an email at


The user shall agree to use this web page in good faith and in accordance with good practice and for the use that has been commonly agreed. MyZUUM shall, under no circumstances, accept responsibility for any damages to any user for the misuse or abuse of the web page or any service or content arising from it in relation to third parties. The user of the web page shall be solely and exclusively responsible for any abuse that may occur. The user shall pay all expenses, costs and compensation arising from legal proceedings brought against him for non-compliance with the conditions set out in this legal notice.

The user of the web page, unless with express written authorization from MyZUUM, shall agree to use the Services offered by the aforementioned Company exclusively for his own needs and not to carry out, directly or indirectly, any commercial exploitation of the aforementioned services.

The user shall not use the services and/or information on the web page in any way that is contrary to the conditions stipulated in the current legislation that is applicable.

MyZUUM reserves the right to refuse access to services and/or contents of the web pages, as deemed necessary, in accordance with its Commercial Policy.

Similarly, MyZUUM reserves the right to withdraw access to the web page, without prior warning, from any user who contravenes the conditions of the norms of usage.


MyZUUM is the holder of the Industrial and Intellectual Property rights for the elements incorporated in the graphic design of its web page and has corresponding authorization for the use of the aforementioned elements.

Likewise, MyZUUM is the holder of the Industrial and Intellectual Property rights of the use of brands, distinctive signs and commercial names featured on the web page, and is authorized to use them.

MyZUUM reserves rights that correspond to it over the information contained on the web page. Any exercise of previous rights, regardless of the medium or form in which they have been produced, requires prior and written authorization from the company.

MyZUUM shall accept no responsibility for any infractions on Industrial and Intellectual property committed by any user on the web page.

On its web page, MyZUUM has links with other web pages to which it has access, which are always authorized, with the publishing company having exclusive responsibility.

Protection of Personal Data


In accordance to Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, personal data that is required on our forms will be included on personal data files corresponding to the service or consultation requested. The company responsible for the aforementioned files is GRUPO NEXT PARTICIPACIONES INDUSTRIALES Y DE SERVICIOS SL, with VAT Registration No. B 87050639, registered at the Madrid Business Registry, under Volume 32 487, Folio 152, Section 8, Page M584.799, 1st Registration.


Users can contact MyZUUM by email to the following address, or by telephone 917895349.

Likewise, GRUPO NEXT will collect personal data, wherever necessary, with the consent of users, to use this information to provide services and/or information on products, campaigns and services.

All our files are registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, in accordance with current legislation and other relevant regulations.

In relation to the request for personal data, the user is solely responsible for the quality of the data entered by him on the forms, and are obliged to supply true, accurate and complete information on identity as requested on the registration form.

If the user supplies any false, inaccurate or incomplete information or if MyZUUM has any reason to suspect that such information is false, inaccurate or incomplete, it shall have the right to deny the use of its services, access and use of the web page, or any of its information held on its web page to the user.

The user shall agree for his data to be given, exclusively for the aims indicated heretofore, to companies described in the Legal Notice with which MyZUUM has working agreements, without the need to be notified each time information is given.

MyZUUM informs its users that the information given shall never be used for any purpose other than for the services provided, and it will be cancelled when it is no longer necessary for this purpose.

The user shall at all times have rights to information, access, correction, opposition and cancellation of personal data, as set out in the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

If, on the application, personal details of physical persons, other than the person who made the application, are included, the user shall inform the aforementioned people of the contents of the paragraphs above, before their details are included. Users shall be able to exercise the aforementioned rights by sending an email addressed to the person responsible for the file at MyZUUM via the following email address:

The user has the right to monitor the use of his details inserted in any computer treatment and, among other aspects, can oppose the use of his personal details for any purpose other than the one for which it was initially obtained.

In accordance with the provision set out in Article 22 of Law 34/2002, on Information and E-Commerce Company Service, the user can activate the field destined to give express consent to commercial communications, which is included on various forms to give express authorization to receive commercial information by electronic or telephone means. In any event, it is understood that the user accepts the conditions set out before, if he presses the “SEND” or “ACCEPT” which is found on the collection of data forms.

The consent given at the receipt of commercial information can be cancelled at any time with a simple notification sent by the user communicating his decision to the sender of the message. For this, it is sufficient to respond to the email received, by indicating in the field: ‘DOWNLOAD COMMERCIAL INFORMATION’.

MyZUUM has adopted levels of security, required by the Personal Data Protection law, to the legally requested information, and has installed the technical means at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access or theft of personal data supplied.

The user can rely on the confidentiality of staff at MyZUUM. Without prejudice to the above, the user is aware that security of communications on the Internet is sometimes vulnerable.


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