Would you like to be attended in the shortest time possible, if there’s an accident or breakdown? Have you ever wanted to know the condition of your car in real time? Do you want to pay less for maintenance and repair? Have you ever wondered how you drive and if you pay the right amount for your insurance? Would you like to reduce your fuel consumption? Do you pay less each time you fill the tank?

In 3 simple steps

02/ Activate

03/ Enjoy

What information do we generate?

Through the MyZUUM platform, we generate information on mobility, using a secure and encrypted protocol, and so introduce offers and provide services in real time with real needs. MyZUUM accesses over 5000 vehicle parameters, enabling its mobility to be managed and the car checked remotely. Our customer receives the information and pays only for this.


Always have your vehicle protected and monitored.


Get an early alert if your car has developed a problem.


Be ready to get offers of necessary services arising from the needs of your vehicle.

As easy to use as a Pendrive.

Just for you state of the art technology!
Just plug the device to your car’s OBD port and convert it into a Smart Car.

Free MyZUUM App and web access
You may log in to your own private access with all information encrypted. You will also have access to all of your car’s synchronized information on your Smartphone, Tablet and/or PC.

Constant information generation of your car
No matter your car is parked or not, it is generating information, whether it is about your battery status or an unauthorized movement (towing for example) and MyZUUM wants you to have access to that information anytime.