The only platform in Spain that:


Collects information

Relevant and real time monetizable information100%


Revenue generation


We generate and analyze

We provide data from our devices60%


Fixed costs


Guaranteed technology

Focused to create advantages to end users (B2C) and provide benefits80%


Information usage

Information and Management

MyZUUM is dedicated to managing information on mobility so that you alone can make decisions:

  • Loyalty programs according to location
  • Customer retention systems
  • Monitor location of vehicles and drivers
  • Monitor Database rules and priorities
  • Review of the mobility record
  • Driving styles
  • Alerts and notices of risk events
  • Geofencing

Remote Diagnostic

MyZUUM collects all information on the condition of your vehicle, so that if anything happens it can be managed remotely:

  • Monitor consumption levels
  • Monitor liquid levels
  • Push notices on solutions and offers for your vehicle’s needs
  • Notice to ‘check engine’ of the vehicle
  • Estimated calculation of the cost of maintenance or repairs of your vehicle

Checking and Optimization

MyZuum gives you all the information to keep your vehicle or fleet monitored, safe, secure and efficient:

  • Checking for fraud linked to the use of the vehicle
  • Driving analysis
  • Analysis of mobility patterns and data management
  • Improvement reports
  • Monitoring routes, stops and mobility management
  • Robbery and Towing

8 sectors in which we work

How we work with different sectors and what added value we give


Find out the condition of your vehicles in real time. MyZUUM gives you direct contact with your customers and facilitates their LOYALTY.

Auxiliary automobile companies

Knowledge of customer needs in real time and constant contact with them.

Car finance providers

Closer contact with customers and knowledge of their needs in real time.

Insurance Companies

Customer segmentation by style, driving patterns, knowledge of location and condition of vehicles in real time.

Garages and car dealers

Vehicle maintenance needs knowledge in real time and direct line with car owners.

Rent-A-Car companies

Customer segmentation by style, driving patterns, knowledge of location and vehicle status in real time.

Fuel and consumables

Real time on demand fuel and consumables needs knowledge.

Rental Car companies

Usage Based Insurance and knowledge of the maintenance needs and residual value of the vehicle.